Many years ago, I was living in the Huon Valley in Tasmania when a friend asked if I could blend together some essential oils for his partner who was suffering from a frozen shoulder. Word of my blends’ success travelled fast on the country grapevine and I soon had people across the state and from further afield contacting me to make a range of balms, salves, tinctures and creams for them. I continued to research, blend, and create my potions until I moved to the big island seventeen years ago.

Spirit Be Potions was born in 2016. My lip balms are made using all natural ingredients, the flowers and herbs in my infused oils comes from my own garden or from the local gardens of the community, I only used beeswax from local suppliers and essential oils from reputable Australian-owned companies. I have created a range of creams and salves to help everything from tired limbs, dry skin, mature skin and irritated skin. Seasonal specials are made in spring/summer, autumn/winter and gift hampers and travel packs are available to order all year round. I also have a small amount of specialty oil blends for common issues like Chilblains, Study Focus and Hot Flushes available.